About Turning Point Church

We are a Gospel Priority Church who seeks to live out the Christian life by growing together as disciples of Jesus who are empowered by the Holy Spirit, strengthened by the blessings of one another, and sustained by the ordinary rhythms of the Christian life:-

gathering together, praying, and living lives that are shaped and transformed by the scriptures in order that we may fulfil God's purposes in each other's lives and the lives of those around us!



Mission is a part of our core identity as followers of Jesus!

We seek to share the gospel with the people we meet everyday as we

PRAY intentionally for them,

LIVE intentionally amongst them,


SPEAK intentionally with them.

We do this so that others may experience the joy and peace that is only found in following Jesus.


What we believe.



The following sections clarify our church’s beliefs on key contemporary ethical matters, taking into account the pattern from the whole of Scripture. Should any Members encounter any difficult situations that they feel relate to these beliefs then they are encouraged to seek support from the Elders, with all parties committing to prayer and seeking of God’s will in what can be profoundly complex and unique situations.


We understand that as sinful people we can make sinful choices that may be outside God’s standards. This may be out of ignorance, confusion, fear or desperation.  If so, we know that nothing is beyond the forgiveness that we have in the Gospel. Therefore, where we have sinned, we can and must come to Jesus in repentance to receive forgiveness, strength, mercy and grace.